Customized HRM & Business Solutions Development

Today’s economic reality is that of increased competition, better informed and demanding customers and relentless pressure to cut costs. Companies are being asked to do more. Therefore to stay competitive it is very important to improve your business process. We are proficient in automating your business processes which has become a bottleneck for you. The expert team of GlobalHR can help you in getting rid of any manual work being done in your company and provide customized web solutions for the same which saves lot on the cost, time, improve performance and service delivery thereby enhancing the work quality of your business.

Payroll Consultancy Services

Running payroll and managing employees' record in software or without software can be time consuming activity. It may eat lot of your time to keep your employee's data, leaves, attendance & payroll data up to date. You have an opportunity to hire our EXPERT PAYROLL CONSULTANT and save a lot of time for yourself and be more productive. At a very minimal cost, our Payroll Consultant will work part-time to manage all your HR related activities using our software. If you are interested in knowing more about our Payroll Consultancy Services, please feel free to drop us note

Organization Performance Tracking and Reports

We help our clients achieve maximum value by implementing our GlobalHR Cloud. We assist them by tracking and keeping detailed report of their organization performance which is an important tool to help them formulate their future strategies w.r.t the employee growth and development. Our services are focused in providing support to our client so that they can ensure workforce efficiency and eventually attaining their organization goals. We pay tremendous attention on the quality of the data maintained so that our client can set an effective corporate strategy and at the same time ensuring that their workforce executes them properly.

Design and Build SCORM Compliant Courses

We commit ourselves in transforming your learning not only via our LMS but at the same time we help you in becoming ready for its usage by designing and building SCORM compliant courses. In this way our customers don’t have to spend time in searching and waiting for their learning material to be transformed in a format usable by our LMS. We help them preparing their material ready to be used by our LMS. Collaboration Tools: We have entered in an era where businesses have become decentralized .People across the globe have to work together as a team in order to fulfill the business objectives. Moreover budget constraints and limited technical support makes it very critical for organizations to work efficiently as possible. No matter how distant you are we help you in getting more and better work by developing collaboration tools that suits your business needs. Thus we ensure you of providing tools and strategies in a cost effective manner which are better aligned with your businesses, streamlines internal and external processes and even bring down your costs. Thus we assist you in bringing together geographically dispersed teams.