Preview-icon.pngTimes App

Times App is an easy to use timesheets software that can be used by your employees or contractors to log their Daily, Weekly or Monthly work timing. This software is capable to process time logs and auto sense Overtime, Restday Hours and Public Holiday hours. Using this application, HR Manager/Admin can save time for converting time logs from paper to excel or entering data in to a software and focus more on other important functions like getting approvals, generating invoices and running payroll.

We have customized approval workflows that can encourage supervisors, client managers and hr managers to easily review and approve timesheets timely. 

Some of the highlights of our Claims application are as listed below:

  • Easy-to-use and mobile friendly
  • Create Multiple Clients, Projects, Jobs or Tasks
  • Set Different Hourly Rates for Different Projects, Tasks or Jobs
  • Auto process Overtimes, Restday or Public Holiday hours
  • Customized Approval Workflows
  • Easy to use Client's Dashboards
  • Calculate / Predict Project Expenditures
  • Integration with Leaves App
  • Integrate with Payroll
  • Integrate with Invoicing System (e.g. Xero, Quickbooks etc.)
  • Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Reports
  • and many more...

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Cloud App Features: 
  • Easy-to-use and mobile friendly
  • Flexible Claims Approval Workflows
  • Integration with Attendance App
  • Integrated with Payroll
  • Monthly and Yearly Reports