Review & Reward

Preview-icon.pngIdentify Top Performers & Motivate with Rewards

After reviewing the employees performance, it is extremely crucial to keep your best performing talent happy. We all know that granting bonuses is an old but an effective measure to achieve this task. Review & Reward tool helps you distribute bonuses as per allocated budgets & performances.

It will help boost the overall development of the organization as it
  • Promotes transparency
  • Identify strengths and weakness of the employees
  • Rewarding employees in a righteous manner
  • Helps you put right person in a right place at a right time


  • Identifies the Best and Worst Performers
  • Filter employees by team or departments
  • Reward bonuses
  • Bonus Budget & Summary

Standard Features:

  • Intuitive User Interfaces
  • History & Revisions
  • Spell Checker
  • Auto Save
  • Auto Notifications & Reminders
  • Single Sign-on
  • PDF & CSV Downloads
  • Integrated to Share information with other Performance Cloud Tools
  • Integration with third party applications




Cloud App Features: 

Identify Top Performers Allocate Budget for Rewards Build Reward Criteria Filters Grant Rewards by Teams and/or Departments Visibility Reports to Management