Assess Performance

Assessment Tool DemoRate Your Employees on KPIs

Assess Performance Tool provides an ability to strategically assess the talent you have—and the talent you need.

Using this tool, manager's can rate their employees, gather peer feedbacks, reviews team's and entire organization's performance for specified period of time.

This tool helps organizations design your own effective system for assessment and development which paves the way for an efficient performance management and promotion of people.

Simplified Assess Performance Tool acts as catalyst boost up productivity for your organization as it.


  • Gather Peer Feedback
  • Configurable Feedback Forms
  • Configurable Rating Scales & Dimensions
  • Rate Your Employee based upon Achievements
  • Hierarchical Team/Department's Performance Views
  • Identifies the Best and Worst Performers
  • Periodic Talent Profile Reviews
  • Performance Summary

Standard Features:

  • Intuitive User Interfaces
  • History & Revisions
  • Spell Checker
  • Auto Save
  • Auto Notifications & Reminders
  • Single Sign-on
  • PDF & CSV Downloads
  • Integrated to Share information with other Performance Cloud Tools
  • Integration with third party applications


Cloud App Features: 
  • Initiate Assessment Cycles
  • Pre-set Key Performance Indicators
  • Configure Rating Scales
  • Rate Your Employees on KPI
  • Overall Ratings
  • Peer Feedbacks
  • Complete Talent Profile
  • Monitor Performance Trends
  • Monitor Performance for Teams
  • Performance Visibility to Management