Align Workforce, Track Achievements & Evaluate Key Performance Indicators.

Cloud Performance is a Secured Software-as-a-Service, which can be readily setup, adapted & customized as per your company’s requirement within no-time. Build, Track, & Nurture your company’s workforce performance in an economical & effective manner.

Subscribing to Cloud Performance, you will get:

  1. Align Application : Align Individual Goals with Corporate Goals
  2. Achieve Application : Record & Review Teams' Achievements
  3. Assess Application : Assess Individual & Team's Performance
  4. Reward Application : Identify & Reward Best Performers

In addition to this cloud, we help our customers automate other human resources management & business processes and integrate within this cloud.
Please refer to our Services & Solutions pages for more details on the additional products & services.


Assessment Tool

Assess Performance Tool provides an ability to strategically assess the talent you have—and the talent you need. Using this tool, manager's can rate their employees, gather peer feedbacks, reviews team's and entire organization's performance for specified period of time.

This tool helps organizations design your own effective system for assessment and development which paves the way for an efficient performance management and promotion of people.

Simplified Assess Performance Tool acts as catalyst boost up productivity for your organization as it.

  • Gather Peer Feedback with configurable Forms and Workflows
  • Pre-set Key Performance Indicators &
  • Configure Rating Criteria and Scales
  • Rate Your Employees 
  • Org Performance Visibility to Senior Management

Monitor Team's Performance

It gives you more understanding about your company's overall performance state with Graphical Drill Down Charts

  • Senior Management can drill-down to different teams, and view overall performance of various departments, teams, and individuals
  • Compare performance with past performance ratings and make important decisions
  • Identify low and high performing teams/individuals and set appropriate Goals
  • Rate your employees against measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Establish SMART performance processes within your organization with Cloud Performance


Encourage Performance-Driven Culture within your Organization