Payroll Software

The Easiest Payroll Software in Singapore

Cloud HR payroll software is an online SaaS payroll solution that is accessible anytime, anywhere via internet.

Cloud HR payroll software is developed specifically for Singapore based organizations, and is best suitable for SMEs from almost any industry or domain.The best thing about Cloud HR payroll software is that it does not require much training and can be learnt within few hours. 

Cloud HR payroll software sums all financial components of salaries e.g. hourly/daily/monthly wages, bonuses, allowances, funds, CPF, overtime, PH, NS pay, leaves and other additions & deductions.

Cloud HR payroll software is well integrated with other applications Leaves Software & Attendance Software within the same cloud.

Some of the highlights of our Payroll Software are as listed below:

  • Easy to use 3 step Payroll Processing

  • Online Itemized Payslips

  • Hourly / Daily / Monthly Salaries

  • Timesheets & Roster Planning

  • Integration with Biometric Fingerprint Attendance devices

  • Auto-calculated Unpaid Leaves Deductions

  • Auto-calculated Claims Deductions

  • Auto-calculated CPF

  • Auto-calculated Overtime

  • Tax calculation & IRAS Integration

  • Monthly and Yearly Reports and many more...

Cloud HR payroll software offers Pay Per Employee pricing for SME's to save 90% on thier payroll running cost.

Cloud App Features: 
  • Automated Pay Runs
  • CPF Calculations
  • Overtime Calculations
  • CPF Submission
  • IRAS Submission
  • Bank GIRO
  • Configurable Settings & Pay Components
  • Customizable Payslips Templates
  • Approve Leaves via Mobile
  • Approve Claims via Mobile
  • Auto Calculate Incomplete Month Salary
  • Integrated with Attendance & Leaves Applications
  • Bio-metric Fingerprint Attendance Device
  • Third Party Integrations (CRM, Accounting Software, Invoicing Software etc)
  • Reports
    • Overtime report
    • Attendance report 
    • Late coming report
    • Balance Leaves report
    • Payroll report
    • CPF report