Employee Management

Centrailized Employee Information Management

Cloud HR offers an easy to use, and easy to implement Employee Management software.

Employee Management is a basic functionality which is required in all organizations in order to manage Human Capital, and perform any of Human Resources processes & activties related to an employee. For any organization, HR requires to keep track of employees hiring, compensation details, contractual terms, skills, employment history, organizational structure, personal details etc. either in soft or hard media.


  • Global Employee Management across global regions
  • Configurable Employee Profile
  • Build & Manage Org Structure at ease
  • Manage Employee history e.g. hiring, contracts, skills, compensation, personal details etc.
  • Payroll Software Integration
  • Leaves Software Integration
  • Attendance Software Integration
  • Claims Software Integration
  • Single Sign-on and integrable to other third party softwares

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Cloud App Features: 

Centralized Employee Management (Leaves, Payroll, Claims, Attendance etc.) Search Employees, Manage Employees with Ease Automated Reminders for Important Deadlines Business Intelligence to maintain Data Integrity