Appraisal Software

Claims DemoEvaluate & Rate Employee's Performance

An easy & ready to use application for setting up employee's performance evaluation questionnaire, process and ratings scales.

Cloud HR appraisal software powers your appraisal process by providing configurable evaluation workflows, configurable evaluation forms, talent performance history and reports. This application is useful to keep track of your employee's performance trhoughout the year, and have clear dashboards about increase or decrease in performance by an individual or by a team.  


  • Appraisal Software can be attached to centralized Employee Management Software to leverage existing relations and org structure
  • Customized workflows for individual evaluation and manager's evaluation can be set as required
  • Customizable KPI and Ratings Scales
  • Integration with Payroll Software for Performance Bonuses Payouts
  • Integrate with Leaves Software or Attendance Software for Performance Evaluation

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Cloud App Features: 
  • Customized Appraisal Forms
  • Configurable Approval Workflow