Cloud HR gives you power to Manage Payroll, Leaves, Attendance, Claims & Employees ONLINE.

Cloud HR fulfils basic Human Resources Management requirements of every organization, of any size, type and/or domain. Our ready-to-use applications will make your company's Attendance Tracking, Leaves Management, Payroll Runs, Employee's Data Management & Re-imbursements efficient and easy.

Subscribing to this cloud, you will have a centralized Employee database, which is shared with all the other Apps within the Cloud HR.

We offer customized solutions for each organization that will fit into your organization requirements precisely. 

Payroll Software

Cloud HR Payroll Software is especially configured for Singapore. It helps Payroll Admins & HR Managers to run Payroll in just 3 Simple Steps. Run, Review & Pay. HR Managers can bid farewell to bulky registers, complex calculations & time consuming processes and run hassle free payroll with ease.

  • Automated Pay Runs
  • Integrated with Leaves Software
  • Integrated with Attendance Software
  • Automated Complex Calculations, e.g. Incomplete Month Salary, CPF Contribution, NS, Bonuses, etc. 
  • Configurable Salary Structure & Components
  • Online Itemized Payslips
  • CPF Online Submission
  • IRAS Submissions - IR8A, A8A, A8B, IR8S

Attendance Software

Attendance App offers attendance, punctuality and time tracking of your employees. You can use our Integrated Bio-metric Fingerprint Device to track Punch-in and Punch-out in real-time. 

  • Clock-in & Clock-out Widgets
  • Timesheets & Attendance Reports
  • Overtime Calculations & Reports
  • Punctuality & Absence Reports

Leaves Software

Leaves Management App offers extensive possibilities for defining leave types, leave groups, holiday schedules, leave entitlements and leave schedules. Module is fully customizable and very flexible to fit unique needs of your company.

  • Allocate Leaves to your employees based upon your Leaves Policy.
  • Employees can keep track of their Used & Balance Leaves Count.
  • Set-up Leaves Approval Workflow as per your company's process.

A Quick and Easy Way to Organize your Human Resources Information.

Using Cloud HR can reduce 90% of your manual efforts in managing your employees, thier leaves, & attendance.