Benefits of Global HR cloud

Easy and Simple use 

Global HR provides you with a simplified one stop solution to all your HR related issues by just one click. It’s a simple and easy to use tool for which no technical know how is required. Get rid of your painful mundane tasks using and start enjoying your process by using user friendly interface.


Best and Affordable price

Now is the time to reap the maximum benefit from your HR Process and that too in the best and affordable price deal ever available. In such competitive world Global HR Cloud will help you not only save time but also money in just a matter of few months by Simplifying your entire HR Process.


100% Customizable

We provide you with a simple and intelligent solution which understands your business process and fits in it seamlessly without giving you any hassles. Nowhere else you will find any software which can so easily fit in your system based upon your process. The flexibility and versatility of Global HR helps you cover every aspect of your HR management easily.


100% Branding as per Organization's Brand

With Global HR software you do not have to worry about branding as we help you retain your own brand identity. We do branding as per the organization itself without letting you compromise on branding.


24*7 Support and Maintenance

Run Global HR tension free on your system and for any assistance we are available at your service 24 * 7. You can reach us either by calling us or by email and representative from our experienced team will be at your service. Our specialists will take care of any problem so that you can stay laser focused on utilizing our software to reap its benefits. It means that from now on you will get freed from all the worries and difficulties of HR process.


Data Integrity and Encryption

We provide a trustworthy solution where an utmost attention is paid on our customers data .We ensure that data cannot be altered without detection i.e. data integrity through Encryption. We use SSL encryption handled between web server and browser. These protocols are designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering and forgery. Apart from the above we also use “defense in strategy” E.g.. An automated process is set up to scan the audit logs daily. High priority items are hand reviewed immediately etc. So we ensure you that your data is in SAFE Hands.


Highly Securable and Reliable

Global HR is a SAAS based solution which gives you an iron clad security. We believe that our customers success rely on a proven, trusted infrastructure—the servers and software in a data center. We use secured HTTPS protocol, which means all the content is encrypted and SAML authentication. Global HR believes in winning your confidence by putting paramount focus on the data security thus making it 100% reliable.


Single Sign On

Get rid of remembering so many passwords for your multiple software as we can easily integrate other software with Global Hr using a robust model of user authentication- Single Sign ON. We believe in Simplified HR Solutions and thus provide you with Single Sign On facility so that you don’t have to do multiple log ins to gain access to multiple system.


Easily Integrated with other HR System

Global HR believes in globalized word and thus keeping it in our mind we provide you with the flexibility of integrating other HR systems (like SAP, PeopleSoft and many more )into our application thereby making the adoption of different software easy and simple for you. We have for you hassle free, simple and robust software for you which can easily fit into your organization